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Environmental non-compliances reported by affected communities, the media, & NGOs

The death of nine workers at Harmony Gold’s Doornkop mine in early 2014 resulted in investigations by the Department of Mineral Resources.1 Recent media reports deal predominantly with this incident and also with the litigation relating to Harmony Gold’s obligations to treat acid mine drainage in the KOSH basin (dealt with under “Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited’s disclosure of environmental non-compliances in annual reports”). Various other reports consider Harmony Gold’s contribution to the pollution of South African waterways.2

A number of online reports implicate Harmony Gold in the findings of the ‘Brenk report’, a 2007 study commissioned by the National Nuclear Regulator, which found that over 400,000 people living along the Wonderfontein Spruit in Gauteng were being exposed to dangerous levels of radioactive pollutants in the water as a result of mining.3