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Full Disclosure 2016

Non-compliance with environmental laws as reported in the National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Reports

Illovo has not featured in the National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Reports. In response to the CER’s question to the company in 2015 as to whether Illovo’s facilities have ever been the subject of any compliance monitoring and/or enforcement action by the authorities, and if so, what the findings of such action were, the company stated as follows:

Save for the Gledhow sugar mill, owned by Gledhow Sugar Company Limited, in which we hold a 30% shareholding, none of Illovo’s operations have been subject to inspections by Environmental Management Inspectors. The inspection of the Gledhow operation took place in June 2015 and the relevant report has not yet been received.

However, in relation to your query regarding inspections by other environmental regulators, our sites are visited on a regular basis by the relevant authorities to ensure compliance with our current registrations and permits. Any discrepancies that may be noted during these visits are dealt with proactively.