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Full Disclosure 2016

Summary of updated findings

Implats is to be commended on the level of disclosure in relation to environmental compliance in its 2015 and 2016 Sustainable Development Reports, as well as its candour in relation to challenges experienced in managing environmental impacts and compliance requirements. While it is notable that Implats refers to environmental compliance audits, more detail should be provided as to the outcome of those audits, and as to specific steps being taken to address findings of non-compliance.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, disclosure of this information is now mandatory as a result of the inclusion in the King IV Report™ of the following requirement under Principle 13, “Compliance governance”:

Details of monitoring and compliance inspections by environmental regulators, findings of non-compliance with environmental laws, or criminal sanctions and prosecutions for such non-compliance should be disclosed.1

Implats was one of the mining companies called to submit evidence at the SAHRC National Hearing on the Underlying Socio-economic Challenges of Mining-Affected Communities in South Africa, held in September and November 2016.

  1. King IV Report™, p64, available for download at: (last accessed on 7 November 2016).