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Full Disclosure 2016

Summary of updated findings

The environmental disclosures in Lonmin’s 2015 Sustainable Development Report are very similar to the company’s previous disclosures. The 2015 report does however refer – albeit somewhat confusingly – to Lonmin’s processes in relation to compliance with the contaminated land provisions of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act (NEMWA).1 Lonmin states that a “phased approach” is being implemented for the site assessments “to confirm whether these areas would require registration on the Department of Environmental Affairs’ contaminated land inventory or not”. This is not the position under NEMWA, which requires that as soon as land becomes identified as an investigation area for contamination under NEMWA, it must be registered on the National Contaminated Land Register.

A July 2016 article by Health E-News, “Western Platinum Refinery’s ‘potent fog’ sparks health crisis”2 reported widespread complaints from residents of Reedville, a community bordering on Lonmin’s Western Platinum Refinery. The residents claim that fumes from the refinery cause respiratory problems like asthma, as well as other conditions like watery eyes and nose bleeds. Lonmin denies responsibility for the illnesses.

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