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Full Disclosure 2016

Summary of updated findings

PPC’s 2015 Integrated Annual Report refers to the CER’s assessment and correspondence for Full Disclosure 2015 in its section on “environmental complaints”.

The 2015 report discloses the following:

In total, PPC has had four audits by the environmental management inspectorate, with two feedback reports received to date. One report commended PPC Dwaalboom on its environmental performance. PPC Hercules received a number of findings including a pre-compliance notice and intention to issue a directive on fugitive management of dust, especially at conveyance systems, annual performance audit including emergency plan and submission of emergency plan to City of Tshwane. These were addressed to the satisfaction of the inspectors. No directives were issued to PPC.1

PPC is to be commended on the level of detail provided relating to these audits and their findings.

PPC’s 2016 Integrated Annual Report states as follows with regard to compliance monitoring by the DEA in the reporting year:

PPC’s SA operations had no formal compliance inspections in the reporting period, but a number of ad hoc visits were undertaken by provincial and local authorities.2

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