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Full Disclosure 2016

Summary of updated findings

The 2014/2015 NECER refers to an inspection conducted at Sappi Saiccor in September 2014, at which “several non-compliances were identified”.

Sappi’s 2015 Integrated Report referenced Full Disclosure and expressed a commitment on the part of the company to greater transparency in its future reports on environmental compliance:

Sappi has taken note of the comments of the CER and for increased transparency, we will align our reporting to any mentions in the NECER. We continue to engage with authorities regarding all issues of environmental compliance.1

The NECER findings relating to Sappi are referred to in Sappi’s 2015 Integrated Report as follows:

In the recently published 2014/15 NECER (National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report) of the Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMI) of the Department of Environment Affairs (DEA) of the Government of South Africa, an entry is included which makes reference to an EMI inspection which took place at Sappi Saiccor Mill during September 2014. The entry goes on to state that several non-compliances were identified and an inspection report detailing the findings of the inspection had been finalised. We have not yet received any official report resulting from the initial inspection done in 2014 from the EMI or the DEA.2

Sappi is to be commended for this reference to the NECER and the mention therein of the inspection at the Sappi Saiccor Mill. The clarification that no official report has been received from the DEA is helpful, in particular in that it explains why the details of the alleged non-compliances have not been disclosed.

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