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Full Disclosure 2016

Environmental non-compliances reported by affected communities, the media, & NGOs

According to the Federation for a Sustainable Environment (FSE), Sibanye has sponsored tours of the West Rand Gold Fields and has allowed civil society organisations, mining affected communities, researchers, academics, and the media to visit its operations and the acid mine drainage water treatment plant within the West Rand goldfields.

The FSE has also commented that Sibanye’s reclamation operations are worthy of positive recognition, as are its investigations into alternative acid mine drainage treatment technologies. Sibanye’s stated intention to rehabilitate the wetlands of the Tweelopiespruit and the receptor dams within the Tweelopiespruit is also welcomed by the FSE.

In relation to Sibanye’s West Rand Tailings Retreatment Project, for which Sibanye is in the process of applying for environmental authorisation, the FSE has commented on a number of aspects concerning the design of the project. For the most part, these comments are aimed at ensuring that Sibanye undertakes all of the relevant assessments required to appropriately understand the risks involved with the project, and that adequate financial provision is made for the rehabilitation of adverse environmental impacts.