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Centre for Environmental Rights


Who has oversight of climate-related risks and opportunities?

Board8 Non-board executive(s)2 Not disclosed5

Does the remuneration policy include performance metrics used to measure and manage climate-related risks?

Yes4 No10 Unclear1


Has the company outlined the risks and opportunities from climate change?

Mainstream reports3 Limited4 CDP only8

Does the company describe how its strategy might change to address climate change risks and opportunities?

Yes6 Limited7 No2

Does the company describe the climate change scenarios used to inform strategy and financial planning?

Yes2 Limited1 No12

Does the bank describe significant concentrations of credit exposure to carbon-related assets or the amount and percentage of carbon-related assets relative to total assets?

Yes1 No4

Does the bank disclose their climate-related risks (transition and physical) in their lending and other financial intermediary business activities?

Yes1 No4

Risk Management

Metrics and Targets

Additional Information

Does the company disclose the extent of liability under the carbon tax?

Partial6 CDP only3 No1

Does the company disclose its participation in the DEA's voluntary carbon budget programme?

Yes7 CDP only1 No2

Does the bank have a publicly-available policy on funding coal mining and coal-fired power?

Partial2 No3